Terry Ann Scriven, MD focuses on primary health care accessibility and affordability of care and testing, with cost transparency whenever possible.

She believes that whole health: mental, physical and spiritual health is necessary for an individual, or family, to feel whole: She knows that people deserve the care and understanding, and relationship with a physician that helps achieve that goal.

Training: Dr. Scriven did two medical residencies! Her first was in Ophthalmology, and her second, was in Family Medicine. Family Medicine with its practical approach to helping each individua as a whole person, is what attracted her to do an additional three years of residency training. Helping patients maximize their health, and their quality of life, is her first love as a physician. She completed medical school at the Mayo Clinic, and completed residencies and fellowship years in New York, Connecticut, Atlanta, Georgia, and Maine.

Personal: Dr. TerryAnn is married to her spouse of over 40 years. She loves animal and lives on a farm her son started, near Portland. She adores her three grown children – who are giving back by being involved in local food sourcing, agriculture and in advocacy work for our environment. She loves learning about different cultures, family structures and being in nature, Her interests include community and patient advocacy focusing on creating a tolerant and all-inclusive community; health ministry; low barrier health care; care coordination, for all ages, including those in their last stages of living; and medical cost transparency.

Although her practice is now closed to new ongoing primary care patients, she provides:

· medical consults for patients new to the Good Medicine Collective;

· immigration medical exams; and

· convenient care visits for the Good Medicine community.

The consultations she offers are one-time, non-emergency medical care visits for those needing medical advice or initial treatment. All new patients will be referred to another physician or health care practitioner for continuing care.

When you request a medical consultation with Dr. Scriven, the one-time visits include:

(1) helping individual determine what medical care and specialist they may need, and

(2) how to negotiate the health care system to get your needs met in a timely fashion.

(3) Care coordination advice and advice regarding how to achieve that goal

Dr. Scriven’s focus is to empower patients to ask for and find cost effective, targeted care, while trying to control out of pocket costs – a concern for most people who see.