Max Health Me Direct Primary Care Hub, provides evaluations and referrals to personalized, Direct Primary Care.  Dr. Terry Ann Scriven is an experienced family doctor interested in patient advocacy.  Dr. Scriven provides medical consultations, screenings, and wellness coaching for those seeking advice in one time visits. The practice is closed to new ongoing primary care patients. If you are seeking an ongoing primary care provider she will refer you to other doctors.  

Convenient care visits and medical consults, for the good medicine collective community, are are available appointment by calling 207-699-0901. Max Health ME focuses on helping you get your health care needs met via initial consultation and referral to appropriate health care. 


Giving you the “keys” to your own medical record, “health plan” and medical record allows you to maximize your health.

Our philosophy of medical care is that the you understand your health, ….. and disease, the better you will become at using the medical system productively, and effectively. We, along with all of the providers at Good Medicine, are partners in this journey to perserve health, and manage any disease.  You deserve to be supported in making day to day decisions that promote your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Whole health, and satisfaction with life and self is the goal.

We believe all people deserve health care.  At Good Medicine and Max Health Me, a sliding scale is used for those who can not afford services. If you are one who has the resources, please consider contributing to a scholarship fund for others. To sign up for any of the Max Health Me services, please register to request a visit at

Unless we have decided to use a sliding scale at your request, full payment is expected at the time of visit. We do not accept insurance, however, patients may request, and submit a form directly to their own insurance to see if any service is covered. There is a small fee for this form. 

 Our practice goals are:

  • Supportive medical consultation appointment with you to help you maximize health and find the best on going primary care provider, and medical specialists for you, and your health needs. 
  • Medical care convenient for you: by providing direct referrals when indicated, and helping you sort through your medical concerns, to get you to providers who can help you. 
  • We offer encouragement for you to take control of your health and of any chronic illness
  • Empower you to be as knowledgeable as possible about your health and illness
  • Advocating for you and your family as you negotiate the health care system, when you request a health advocacy appointment
  • Get to know you and understand the factors that influence your health and healing via one time health and wellness medical consultations
  • Support new immigrants in citizenship goals, and recovering citizens in a healthy life process
  • Provide easy to use convenient care for those in the Good Medicine community