Dr. Scriven is board certified in Family Medicine.  She is qualified to care for infants, children, teens/young adults, as well as adults in all stages of life. She graduated from Dartmouth College; attended Columbia University; graduated from the Mayo Clinic Medical School; and did five years of postgraduate medical training in New York City, Connecticut, and Georgia. Dr. Scriven then completed three years of Family Medicine specialty training in Maine, and is a community staff member of both Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital.

Dr. Scriven moved from Minnesota to New England in 1978. She has lived with her husband and children in the greater Portland area for the last 20 years.  She is a member of Maine Health physicians’ group, American Academy of Family Physicians, and is a board member of the Maine Academy of Family Physicians. She serves on the St. Alban’s Health Ministry; volunteers with the Southern Maine Agency of Aging, and several other organizations.  She is wilderness medicine certified as well.  She is an active gardener, loves to walk, hike, kayak, ski and snow-shoe. She loves animals, especially Labrador Retrievers, & Australian Shepherds, and enjoys cooking and listening to music.


Our philosophy of medical care is that the more YOU, as a patient, understand your health, ….. and disease, the better you will become at using the medical system productively, and effectively.  Giving you the “ keys” to your medical record and your “health plan”, allows YOU, (and your family), to play an active role in maximizing your health.  Your knowledge about what is important, as indicated for you in preventive care is of ultimate importance! We are partners in this journey to preserve health, and manage any disease. We work on enabling you to make day to day life decisions that promote both your mental and physical well-being.