Welcome to Max Health Maine, a Family Medicine practice. We provide urgent, and preventative health care and support for management of chronic conditions, by a physician, for people of all ages.

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Dr. Scriven, the practice’s doctor, is a board certified Family Physician who loves working with children and adults. She provides personalized, friendly, and convenient care with direct access to your doctor. Our goal is to help maximize your health by partnering with you to achieve your health goals.

Max Health Maine Family Practice now offers a primary care plan, Direct Primary Care, at a low cost, with predictable charges that benefit you, and importantly, allows you to budget for your annual primary care health needs. Your enrollment in the plan allows us to provide communication and visit options to meet your needs, with more convenience than insurance allows This is not concierge care, but allows the doctor to focus on you. By maintaining low overhead, and not spending hours on insurance and reporting paperwork, we are able to continue to provide you with longer in-office visits; and address more of your concerns each visit. Without the restrictions caused by submitting primary care charges to insurance, we can offer a low cost membership plan with a fixed monthly (or discounted annual) fee, with no per-visit charges. Our patients continue to ask specialists, imaging and laboratories to bill their insurance directly for their typically more expensive services and fees.

How does this work?

Max Health Maine Family Practice will serve as your “medical home” for all your primary care needs during office hours, The available services include all primary care sick visits, annual health maintenance visit (physical), the development of a personal health plan and goals with you; a flu shot; certain labs as indicated; and direct access to your physician by phone or secure Internet portal, and virtual visits when medically indicated.

Max Health Maine
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