Everyone deserves to be heard and have their medical needs met.

We are:

A direct primary care Hub located at the Good Medicine Collective in Portland, Maine. We are a resource that not only offers referrals to direct primary care and health shares, but also actual second opinions or consultations regarding steps you can take to help you optimize your wellbeing, and meet your own health goals. 

Direct Primary Care, is a  low cost, a primary care plan, with predictable charges that benefit you, and importantly, allows you to budget for your annual primary care health needs. 

We offer:

  • One hour long consultation with a doctor visits for health advocacy
  • Preliminary testing and diagnosis in one hour medical consultations visit
  • Referrals to primary care doctors if you don’t have one
  • Health and medically informed coaching to help you maximize your health
  • Visits to help you determine what medical problems may be preventing you from feeling your best
  • Convenient medical care visits for minor medical problems for the Good Medicine community
  • We do NOT provide ongoing primary care, or accept walk-in urgent care

For a full list of services provided to the Good Medicine Collective community members click here.

Typical consultation visits are one hour duration with a family physician and address a specific symptom of concern.

We believe:

DPC meets you where you are in your life, and provides cost transparent, predictable yearly price for most of your  primary care needs from any of the Doctors who offer Direct Primary Care in this area of Maine. 

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is one of the best ways to receive primary care. It is not doctor or office centric, but focuses on the when and where of a patient’s needs and life situation. 

We want you to feel validated in your concerns and  supported in asking for and being connected with ongoing medical care within the greater Portland area.

Dr. Terry Ann Scriven:

Dr. Scriven is a board certified Family Physician who loves working with folks of all ages.  She provides personalized, friendly, and convenient care with an advocacy  approach- helping you maximize your health and receive appropriate  medical care from our sometimes too  complex medical system.   Her goal is to help maximize your health by partnering with you to achieve your health goals, and advocating for you.  

Max Health ME
at Good Medicine Collective
231 York Street, Portland, ME 04102

Tel: 207 699 0901
Fax 207 699 0902

Medical consults now offered by Dr. Scriven require that you return to your own doctor, or primary care provider, for followup care. Dr. Scriven is no longer accepting new ongoing primary care patients. We believe in the power of Direct Primary Care. If you don’t have a primary care provider, you may find one at Good Medicine or at DPCNewEngland.org.

Max Health Maine would like to thank Heather Corey Photography and Coco McCracken Photography for for their kind donation of certain photographs.